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  01 Felipe Cussen - quick prayer info
Felipe Cussen (1974) is a writer and musician from Chile, where he's part of the experimental poetry group "Foro de Escritores". He also has a PhD in Humanities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and now he teaches and researches at Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

This piece was conceived and recorded on December 1st, 2013, using Ableton Live and some plug-ins, specially from Sinevibes.
  02 johannes weinberger - stillborn language info
Johannes Weinberger, born 1975, exploring and relishing the horrors and blisses of being human ever since.

this is an electroacoustic poem, with lyrics in an improvised language.
  03 W. Mark Sutherland - Lung Wage info
W. Mark Sutherland is a Canadian intermedia artist whose work blurs the borders between poetry, music, visual art and performance art.

The late great Canadian poet bpNichol once cleverly referred to sound poetry as "lung wage."
  04 Tanja Fuchs - fliessband info
Coming from drawing, photography and singing/song writing, I also started working on experimental electronic music in the last years. I study Multi Media Art at Fachhochschule Salzburg, majoring in audio design. At the moment I´m living in Istanbul, floating in this city's magic full of character and lovely people, also taking my first steps in performance art. An intuitive way of playing with sound and visual perceptions leads me to discovering unconventional ways of expressing my ideas coming out of a creating heart.

"fliessband" is a tape collage based on voice recordings taken out of the subconscious mind, which is originally presented as a sound installation. As I love assiociative writing and taking notes of important or just random thoughts, I just put all my notes and sketches together and recorded them on analog tape with my voice, getting mentally back into the feeling I had the moment i wrote the words. I cut the tape in small pieces, put them in an accidental order together again and worked on the outcome with the possibilities this analog work flow offered to me. This became the basic material of the final collage itself. The experiment's aim was to completely free all these emotionally charged thoughts from their hidden position deep inside same as from their original context, to get a different view and a different perception of them. A project for the love of moments and chance.

Exhibition of "fliessband": "eineindeutig.leipzig", 05. - 19. of July 2013 at SagArt Gallery Leipzig

Elektronikland Award for Electronic Music 2013, for "About Us In Space And Time" and "fliessband"

  05 Liesl Ujvary, Katharina Serles - The Black Messenger Rap info
Liesl Ujvary, writer, mediaartist, lives in Vienna, Austria. Texts, Images, Sounds. http://ujvary.mur.at, https://soundcloud.com/lieslujvary

Katharina Serles, literary scholar, feminist events, Vienna. http://nichtkatharina.blogspot.com

The piece is a non-published work of Liesl Ujvary and Katharina Serles for the Festwochen Production 2013 "Die Schwarze Botin - remastered and remistressed" at Vienna Schauspielhaus.
"Was steht hier auf dem Spiel?" - "What's at Stake here?"
  06 Dirk HuelsTrunk - 98 Prozent info
born 1964. lives in frankfurt am main. soundpoet, spoken word poet, audioartist, writer, host, cultural activist & freelance teacher. works mostly with minimal text, live-loops, repetitions, layers, interferences and distortions between language and sound.
http://dirkhuelstrunk.de http://www.soundcloud.com/huelstrunk

voice & liveloops Dirk HuelsTrunk. Rec. live to hard disc. No overdubs. Frankfurt 2013.
  07 Juan Angel Italiano - Emmmm info
born in Montevideo - Uruguay in 1965. His work builds on the research of various expressive possibilities of poetic language (verbal, visual, sounding, performative, objectual, audiovisual, digital, etc.)

Mix of a cough the poet Gerardo De Brasi did during a reading in 2013.
  08 Stief Marreyt - Njar Njar Hibou info
Steve Marreyt (Belgium, 1983) his first volume of poetry entitled 'Nadapter' will be published in January by Ediçoes CN. First 30 copies will include a flexi disc with a tone setting by Lieven Martens Moana. Marreyt's debut as a sound poet was a recently released cassette on Beyt Al Tapes with a drunken interpretation of K. Schwitters' classic 'Ursonate'.

'Njar Njar Hibou' is a recording of one of his first sound poems by his Dutch friend/poet Stefan Hopmans
A romantic song about an old owl, voice: Stefan Hopmans
  09 Sandrine Deumier and Philippe Lamy - Kandy LK9 info
"Donne-moi le code." "Subdélégation. O.1 transfert aux bombes en dérives noires sous les néons." / Kandy en-stase exécute les codes dans les poupées.

Sandrine Deumier
Author, video director and performer (e-poetry)

Philippe Lamy
Painter and electronic music composer
"Music and painting are put in resonance, both share the same care given to textures, attention to events and a desire to reach a certain density"
  10 Giovanni Fontana - CLIPPING 1 info
Giovanni Fontana has been dealing for 40 years with multicode languages, intermedia techniques and synaestesiae. He is interested in the relationships between arts, starting from sound & visual matrices.
With regard to the dramatic field, he is active as a playwriter and occasionally as a director. During the last 35 years he has carried out his performances in hundreds of festivals of New Poetry and Electronic Arts.
He is the founder of the review "La Taverna di Auerbach" and of the sound poetry review "Momo", he belongs to the editorial staff of "Doc(k)s", "Inter" and he is the editor of "Territori", a review of architecture and other languages.

Poetry is with the voice, into the voice, behind the voice.
Poets must be able to sound in the deep: into the brain folds as into the most obscure mazes of the body; into the memory as in the unconscious, in the ability as in the intentions.
The phonic stream will evoke its own double. It will remind of the voice of the unexisting. It will come back to the origins setting itself to the game of amplifications, scanning, dissolution, reappearance.
Poetry dies and lives again into the voice: voice dies and lives again into the sound.
The acoustic size of the unusual must be supported by electronic technology, by which the poet will always be able to build up own sound mask.
Behind it he won't do music, but sound as one of the main aspects of language.
  11 Juan Carlos Vasquez - Collage 9 info
Juan Carlos Vasquez is a London-based sound artist and composer from Colombia. He has participated as a sonic artist, composer and/or performer in events within the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, including an acclaimed interactive sound art installation for the Milan Furniture Fair in (Italy) reviewed as one of the most eye-catching sights of the fair by The Architects Journal (UK). Worked with Clare Newton (Olympic artist) in her interdisciplinary work Emperors for Tea, premiered at the iconic The Savoy Hotel (London) and the Royal College of Music and the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity selected him as one of the winners for the Rhapsody Composition Project in 2013, to write under commission the sonic counterpart for the monumental sculpture The Acrobat, by Allen Jones RA. This celebrated composer Eric Whitacre is linked to this project as ambassador.

Vasquez recently also earned a place in the worldwide release Electronics Masters Vol 2. CD, produced by Ablaze Records (USA/Australia). His music has been supported by festivals, institutions and universities around the world, and broadcasted in several radio stations including CKCU 93.1 FM (Canada), WQXR 105.FM (New York, USA) and WOBC 91.5 FM (Ohio, USA).

The Collages are an acclaimed series of experiments conducted to prove the digital capabilities of tone expansion in a single acoustic instrument or voice. The technique consists in recording original performances of several works by celebrated composers from the past (for solo instruments or voice), and reinventing the audio files de­constructing the pieces as a collage, using different and complex kinds of digital audio processes to create a post-modern electroacoustic version of the classical piece. As a result the usual acoustic instrument timber is expanded into deep and rich atmospheres using the entire range of frequencies. The collages series are also a sonic application of British painter JMW Turner technique to use layers of colours and textures to turn everyday landscape into powerful and expressive oneiric fantasies.

The "Collage 9" was made using only Jorge Luis Borge's voice reading his poem, "Arte Poetica", and was written exclusively for Huellkurven's second issue.
  12 Zuzana Husárová - PRE info
Zuzana Husárová (1983) a Slovak postdoc scholar and author of experimental literature: sound poetry, electronic literature (with Ľubomír Panák), transmedia projects liminal and lucent (with Amalia Roxana Filip - books of visual poetry, sound poetry, live performances), multimedia performance Phenomena Research (with four artists). She co-edited book V sieti strednej Európy: nielen o elektronickej literatúre. http://zuz.husarova.net/

PRE is a soundpoem from the transmedial project liminal (from the part Afternoon): http://www.liminal.name
  13 Teresa Schwind - radio info
2008-2012 Sociology at Hauptuniversity in Vienna. Since 2013 studying and working Radio in Brussels.

the work is an exploration of my relation to the medium radio.
  14 SJ Fowler - bring your guns we will exchange them info
SJ Fowler is a poet, artist, martial artist & vanguardist. He works in the modernist and avantgarde traditions, across poetry, fiction, sonic art, visual art, installation and performance. He has published five books and been commissioned by the Tate, Mercy, Penned in the Margins and the London Sinfonietta. He is the poetry editor of 3am magazine and is the curator of the Enemies project.

This is a live recording in situe at a modern museum, in their ethnographic gallery, which through found radio and installation noises, as well as responsive, guttural sound poetry aims to ambiguously compliment / satirise / criticise the anesthetised western usage of african sound culture
  15 Gerald Zahn, Anita Land - RUF AN! info
“Ruf an!” (call me!) uses the sounds from the all-familiar erotic advertising breaks on television, where the female voices recite the phone numbers of the various sex lines in sensual and breathy tones. In the artwork, the sounds of the individual numbers were extracted from the advertisements and rearranged into an endless number loop.

Gerald Zahn (1971) is a media and video artist currently based in Vienna / Austria. In his work he explores the phenomena of contemporary life and the aesthetic of the entertainment industry. His work integrates different media and is often presented in a form of abstract collections, which focus on the detection of hidden, but prevalent standards.
  16 Wolfgang Nöckler - weischto info
a variation of subjunctives in nöcklers first mother-tongue, the dialect of the south-tyrolean ahrntal: teldrarisch

wolfgang nöckler works with words sound and music
is writing slamming singing
loves guitars cats chocolate
and some human beings
musically also known as SosoAsoso
  17 Poetryamenita - A Drop of Life info
Experimental Electronics and Field Recordings: Dark Ambient, Avant-garde. Spoken Word. Spoken World.

Walking through vast forests admiring
the beauty of a captivating landscape
past the mysterious moor

what you may discover
is one last solitary heartbeat


-Curse me-bless me-release me-posses me-

I am setting to music the transformation of paradise of this earth which emerges into a gray zone of uncertainty.

As a sound poet, I feel comfortable with the experimental, avant-gardistic, industrial, goth, I do have a preference for kosmische and spiritual music, unifying my (sudden) inspirations to a whole new world of listening pleasure. Drifting through the universe of drone and noise, I spell my subliminal words.

I have been working and producing musical experiences with artists from all over the world; various releases, with the latest collaboration and the solo EP being the first commercial.
Some of my very own work is featured in audio plays (f.e. Compositions for Dave Migmans` „Communiques from the City of the Blind“ via http://www.doghornpublishing.com/wordpress/category/dogcast-central )
  18 wolfgang fuchs - wasisalos info
a real-time, one-take piece by use of pure voice and a low budget vario-speed tape-recorder. captured just like that.

Wolfgang Fuchs started using recordplayers as live-instruments in the late 90s after some intense years playing electric bass in the fields of crossover-rock. The birth of the improv-duo "das fax mattinger" - together with Alex Wallner on guitar - and moving from Linz to Vienna right after the millenium-turn pushed the active and passive experience with "new" music in all terms.
First onstage-confrontations with e.g. Arnold "noid" Haberl, dieb13, Noel Akchote, Michael Fischer, mnortham, Hannes Raffaseder were established, gigs at several venues and festivals followed, including Kaleidophon/Ulrichsberg, Konfrontationen/Nickelsdorf, Turning Sounds/Warsaw, Transart/Bolzano, Komponistenforum/Mittersill, Phonotaktik/Vienna, Saptamana Muzicii Contemporane/Bucharest, etc.
The introduction to the world of contemporary composer Bernhard Lang opened the doors to concert halls, highlighted by the successful performance of the music-theater-pieces "I Hate Mozart" and "Montezuma".
  19 Sophie Reyer, Reinhold Schinwald - ritscheRatsche info
Sophie Reyer, geboren 1984 in Wien. Theaterexte “vogelglück”, "baumleberliebe", “hundpfarrer” und "Anna und der Wulian" (S. Fischer- Verlag). Studium “Drehbuch und Filmregie” an der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln seit 2011.Buchprämie des Bmukk für “flug (spuren)” (2012). Literaturpreis der Stadt Graz 2013. 2013 “käfersucht” bei S. Fischer. 2013 Preis "Nah dran!" für das Kindertheaterstück "Anna und der Wulian"
2014 Uraufführung "Anna und der Wulian" an der badischen Landesbühne.

Reinhold Schinwald, geboren in Salzburg, lebt und arbeitet in Graz. Kompositionsstudium an der Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz bei Beat Furrer und Pierluigi Billone. Musiktheoriestudium bei Clemens Gadenstätter und Christian Utz. Toningenieurstudium an der TU-Graz. Meisterkurse u.a. bei Chaya Czernowin, Steven Takasugi und Dániel Péter Biró | 2011 Startstipendium für Musik des bm:ukk. 2013 Teilnahme an der Akademie Schloss Solitude. Aufführungen seiner Kompositionen bei Wien Modern, beim Hörfest Graz, Steirischer Herbst, Komponistenforum Mittersill, Minoriten Graz, Taschenopernfestival u.a durch oenm, ensemble SurPlus, Ensemble Reconsil Vienna, Trio Gahl, Stump, Huang | Realisierung von Klanginstallationen, live-elektronischen und elektroakustischen Werken u.a. für Alte Schmiede Wien, IEM-Graz, Klangaktionen - Gasteig München, Medienkunstlabor im Kunsthaus Graz, Musik im Schömer Haus, Salzburger Festspiele.

Playing with the words and sounds of "saw/ sägend/ i saw sparks/ gewitter/ sprinkle".
  20 Tóth Kinga - CRANE (from the ALL MACHINE seria) info
Tóth Kinga (1983, Sárvár, Hungary)
Phlilogoist and Teacher in German Language and Literature, Communication specialist (journalist), copy editor of the art magazin Palócföld, cultural program manager.
(Sound)poet-illustrator.  Songwriter and front man of Tóth Kína Hegyfalu project.
Member of the Leadership of József Attila Association for Young Writers and member of several art projects, associations.
2013: Fellow of the Solitude Akademie, Stuttgart (Literatur+visual and sound poetry)
BOOK: ZSÚR (poetry book with illustrations) 2013
Antologies: Szép versek 2013, Új Magyarhangok 2013, Verstörténés antológia 2013, Traumaantológia 2013
Poems: Élet és Irodalom, Műút, Kalligram, Mozgó Világ, Palócföld, Árgus, Tiszatáj, Karton, Látó, Prae, A vörös postakocsi, Irodalmi Páholy, Korunk, Új Forrás, Helikon, Csillagszálló, Cimbora, ÚjNautilus, Spanyolnátha, Zempléni Múzsa
Poetry and visual art, visual poetry: Tiszatáj, Kulter.hu, Bárka online, Apokrif online
Poetry, visual art, video, music: Kulter, Spanyolnátha, Irodalmi Jelen
Articles: Palócföld, Prae.hu, Pluralica, Árgus, Irodalmi Jelen, Irodalmi Szemle
Exhibitions (visual poetry): Budapest: Bejárat Galéria, Tat Galéria (performance), Boulevard és Brezsnyev Galéria, Sziget Festival, Kalicka Bistro, Szimpla Kávézó, Művészetek Völgye-Kapolcs, Műhely Kávézó és Galéria- Székesfehérvár, Nádasdy Vár-Sárvár, Művelődési Ház-Hegyfalu, Folt Kávézó-Szentendre, Artplacc, Tihany, Zsolnay-negyed, Pécs TÁRNA project, Autumn Festival of Museen upcoming: Stuttgart, Solitude Academy
Soundpoetry: ALL MACHINE project: http://tothkinga.blogspot.de/p/all-machine-project.html  
Music and video art: Tóth Kína Hegyfalu (Tóth Kinga+Molnár Gergely)
Other music projects: 33 astral bodies (Miroslav Tóth’s contemporary music project Chech-Slovak-Hungarian-Polish), Tuning Ballerina (Slovak-Hungarian soundart-jazz project, lyrics)
Memberships: József Attila Kör (2011-), Fiatal Írók Szövetsége (2011-), Hímzőkör (2012-), Verstörténés csoport (2011), Tárna csoport (2012) CV, publications, poetry, music, video, photos: http://www.tothkinga.blogspot.com http://tothkinahegyfalu.blogspot.com

With the title ALL MACHINE I am working on a new visual-sound poem series—bounded to special places (Budapest, Bratislava, Stuttgart and hopefully other cities in the future), most of the poetries and visual poetries have already been published in Hungarian art magazines, and some of the songs are going to released in compilations, too (Compilation for experimental music, Miskatonic Records). The perception of the hearing, the emission of the sounds with the help of machines and the humans are the ALL MACHINE’s central topics, such as the cooperation of the machine and the human for the sounding of the “clear” (perfect) voice. The substances, their affecting for each other, their “together-sounding” are one of my examination dots, but ALL MACHINE-poems are not free of metaphysical and sacral crosstalks. Robert Schneider’s Schlafes Bruder (the book and the movie as well) had a big effect on me in the course of my university studies, I was also working longer with the protagonist’s, Élias’ character and with the problems of the hearing, this investigation is, what I would like to continue in my upcoming poems.
I use my own experiences in the contemporary (especially noise) music, like the experiences in the “33 astral bodies” (Czech-Slovak-Polish-Hungarian contemporary classic and noise music project), the description and function of its musical instruments and its noise machines, the visual inspirations of the instruments of the Kompozicíné Laboratórium (Bratislava) and also my personal experience of being an “extensive vocal” (singing technique) with my projects as Tóth Kína Hegyfalu (experimental music project with Gergely Normal musician and fine artist) ALL MACHINE project, where I only use my voice without any effects. This soundart project is the closest to the poetries, here I use the lyrics but only as parts as a “sound machine” which I build with my voice during the live performances (concert). This soundart project has been taken in the Totem Gallery - Budapest, Gödör - Budapest (100 tousandspoets for a change),Új Magyar Képtár, and Nappali Kávézó and FUGA - Bratislava where my performance was a part of a Mysterium play, and in the Nádasdy-castle on an exhibition in Sárvár and now in the Solutude Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. I research the living person's and the lifeless one's function, their surfaces,  their construction, function, their sound, which researching process and “results” I interpret in the poems, but not merely as a description, but with the embedding of stories (tales), where important social questions, problems turn up (for example: child protection, protection of people with deficiency and their problems, poverty, violence, general life phenomena such anger, fury, hatred, affection, communicational-ethical-emotional etc. problems).
  21 Nathan Walker - Kitchen Feet info
Nathan Walker is an artist, curator and writer. His work and research investigates language, speaking, writing, and performance. He is interested in digital writing, indeterminacy, conceptual poetry, durational writing and event scores. His artworks exist as live performances, bookworks, online projects, sound and video. http://www.nathan-walker.co.uk

Kitchen Feet is a sound poem structurally organised around the spatial configurations of the kitchen in the artists family home.


Dirk Huelstrunk / Felipe Cussen / Gerald Zahn, Anita Land / Giovanni Fontana / johannes leo weinberger / Juan Angel Italiano / Liesl Ujvary, Katharina Serles / Nathan Walker / Poetryamenita / Sandrine Deumier, Philippe Lamy / SJ Fowler / Sophie Reyer, Reinhold Schinwald / Stief Marreyt / Tanja Fuchs / Teresa Schwind / Tóth Kinga / W. Mark Sutherland / wolfgang fuchs / Wolfgang Nöckler / Zuzana Husárová

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